Power Couple Cleanser Set


Conju's Power Couple Cleanser Set at a special bundle price.

This special pricing is only available on our website.  Save $15.00

This set contains the following.

1 x Cleansing Balm 90 g

1 x Soap 90 g


∗  Improves and brightens uneven skin tone and discoloration
∗  Minimize pores
∗  Moisturizes and prevents dry skin
∗  Clears skin in teens and adults
∗  Fights signs of aging by promoting metabolism and cell turnover
∗  Removes impurities and helps detoxify

<Cleansing Balm> for make remover and skin care

A new natural cleansing sensation through luxurious herbs blended together as a “melting cleansing balm.”

At Conju, we have blended natural herbal ingredients, plant extracts, and vitamins in our own concoction into a balm that melts in your hands for a gentle face cleanser.  With the sweet scent of plumeria flower, the balm quickly melts and gently removes all makeup and other impurities from the face.  Because only natural ingredients were used, this melting balm is suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin.  
<soap> for skin care
This gentle face and body soap is created from a unique blend of 11 traditional Korean herbs that promotes healthy, beautiful, youthful-looking skin with regular use.  Enjoy its light, sweet scent as the rich, creamy lather washes away excess dirt and oil to reveal improved skin clarity over time.  Refined coconut oil and squalane conditions the skin with its moisture-retaining properties, while other naturally-derived ingredients combat signs of aging from within.  Conju Princess Soap is safe to use for all ages.

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