About Conju

Our Story


In ancient Korea, Royal Court ladies had a high sense of beauty in enhancing the spirit and the skin.    These women believed that the face was a mirror, a reflection of inner beauty with a high sense of aesthetics for their mind and skin.  By being rich and beautiful internally, the external would be beautiful as well.Until now, there have been countless amounts of soaps made from Korean herbs.  However, there were many concerns about the compatibility between soap and skin when used by differen nationalities as well as the soap's strong smell.  

At Conju, we realized that no matter how great the product was, it was meaningless if it did not suit the person using it.  After paying close attention and listening to the suggestions and opinions of our customers, we developed a soap that can be used by avariety of people and yet retaining the merits of Korean herbs. Our aim was to create a soap to harness the power of Korean herbs and tobe safely used and loved by all.  We take these high-performance Korean ingredients, discerning Japanese eyes and combined them withwisdom and technology to create high-quality products.  

With Conju, you can obtain healthy, beautiful skin simply by washing your face daily face with our Conju Princess Soap.

We hope that by helping make your skin healthy and beautiful, you can live each day with happiness in your heart.